Hanul’s affiliated institute came to realize what we should do and not do through ceaseless trial and error. We also learned two points through failures, for which we should keep strict watch, and two directions through our success, through which we should move forward. We named these as ‘the two guidelines’ and ‘the two compasses’, respectively.

The two guidelines


Firstly, we should keep strict watch against forgetting ourselves.

As a certain philosopher said ‘know yourself’, we set ‘not forgetting ourselves’ as our ‘first guideline’. We used to only consider ‘how we could satisfy our customers’ for a while. In our short-sightedness, we ignored risks we were going to face and often experienced these risks when they came to a head. We also realized that failures in development were always associated with poor ‘safety’. Therefore, we are not going to forget that good products only can be born through the hands of people who can minimize risk simply by understanding the functional characteristics of each element.


Secondly, we will keep strict watch against the way of thinking by large companies.

This is ‘the second guideline’ of our institute to keep strict watch against the problem of the way of thinking by large companies. The way of thinking by large companies focuses on reducing problems because large companies have too many complicated relations. If they reveal such problems, there would be a huge uproar. Problems exist regardless of whether we want to see them. It is the strength for a small enterprise to freely pull out of such problems. We keep a strict watch against losing our effectiveness from poorly pretending as if we were a large company.

The two compasses


Firstly, we respect destruction and paradigm shift.

The philosopher, scientist, and futurist ‘Thomas Kuhn’ left a wise saying: ‘paradigm shift’ is our ‘dreams and wishes’. Thomas Kuhn expressed this principle, saying that the paradigm, which means ‘the order that rules a period’, does not change gradually. Instead, it gets overturned in some kind of revolution as the ‘revolutionary transition of paradigm’. We dream of realizing such a revolution with our own hands. Although we may not as much impact as revealing Earth is round instead of flat, but we can revamp the look and quality of our products. We dream of daring to throw away the thought of building a house on an unsolid base, starting from ‘destruction’, and changing the paradigm of our products in a revolution.


Secondly, we respect the brilliant aura and masterpieces

When we see a knockoff of special S grade best quality, we often find that it looks more genuine compared to the original article. Sometimes, the knockoff is better than the genuine one in quality. It is so marvelous that we can’t help but feel some sort of energy coming from the knock-off. The first character of the Korean word for masterpieces is a Chinese character that means ‘brightness’ since they say that a masterpiece exudes some sort of bright energy. It seems that the Western has represented such bright energy as ‘AURA’. We think a product that has no aura may even cause harm to the nobility of the person who uses it. Therefore, we are pouring our effort to develop ‘masterpieces’ and to make the cultural nobility of the customer more brilliant with the use of products that emit beautiful auras.


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