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The safest wipes in the world


The ‘121℃’ wet tissue has no chemical preservatives and is sterilized at high temperature & high pressure.

The ‘121℃’ wet tissue is made without using any chemicals. We have made this wet tissue by boiling clean and pure water at 121℃, killing all sorts of bacterium, fungus, and viruses. We named this bacteria-free wet tissue ‘121℃’. As the ‘121℃’ wet tissue is produced through physical sterilization rather than through chemical sterilization, it is free from the risks of chemical preservatives. We think it will become renowned as a pioneer in the future that changed the antisepsis paradigm for wet tissue. We already created a tissue for wiping the inside of babies’ mouths as a pioneer and originator, and now we have given birth to safer oral hygiene tissue and its other products, bringing them to the world under the ‘121℃’ name. The tissues used for babies’ hands & mouths, babies anuses, nursing nipple, eye cleanliness, and female cleanliness are all waiting to be added in the ‘121℃’ product line soon.

The development idea of the ‘121℃’ wet tissue

  • No chemical ingredients

    No chemical ingredients

    We often were subjected to bitter insults and suffered serious obstacles for being unethical due to the use of chemical ingredients. Although we always responded to such questions by affirming that those ingredients were safe, especially according to the authorities said, we could not fully assure if they were really safe. That is why we wanted to produce our products by using ‘no chemicals’ at all. In the battle against microorganisms, we threw away our powerful weapons of chemical synthesized substances and took up poor weapon ‘hot water’ in our hands instead.

  • The aura from a paradigm transition

    The aura from a paradigm transition

    The strange fellows at the Hanul Herb Pharm institute will even jump into fire to get the aura that comes with paradigm transition. Then, what is the aura that makes people throw away their trusted tools, chemical synthesized substances that are as strong as a ‘tank’, and instead choose hot water, which has proven to be problematic in the past? Anyway, our fellows dream of being ‘the Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum in Paris’ rather than just ‘the Mona Lisa on the monitor’. We told ‘121℃’ to emit an aura as a pioneer of the new paradigm in the wet tissue sterilization.
    121℃ is not a pioneer that can change the paradigm yet. There remain numerous challenges to overcome, and it does not have enough power to grow on its own quite yet. It may even cause bigger risks than those caused by the ‘tank’ above. Our fellows will definitely show the aura of the ‘121℃’ wet tissue in the end.


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