P'Lavie 시험성적서(COA)


The most delicious wet tissue in the world


Child home recipe made from
only eatable ingredients

Recipe hand & mouth tissue and recipe hips tissue are made from eatable ingredients and are safe for children.

Premium embossing:
Well wiped by bumpy line of the tissue.
Premium cross:
Sturdy tissue in any direction thanks to overlapped production.
Broad and thick fabric
Wide and thick fabric in 180*200mm usage.

  • Recipe hand & mouth tissue

    Recipe hand & mouth tissue

    Recipe hips tissue is made from eatable mixed ingredients such as honey, banana, and corn starch that are safe for children who often suck their hand. Honey, banana and corn starch are in essence type that moisturize skin and gives user colorful usability.

  • 레시피 엉덩이 티슈

    Recipe hips tissue

    Recipe hips tissue is made from mixed eatable ingredients such as honey, pumpkin and corn starch that is suitable to wipe children hips which is tired by frequent diaper usage.


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