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The wet tissue 967 AROMA for baby girls and new mothers was created based on the twenty-year-old-specialty of the Hanul Herb Pharm.

We decided to value this eccentric name that does not go along well at all with a wet tissue for infants. For over twenty years, we have made such products that are desired by others within the bridle of the OEM system. We have manufactured the products under the name such as ‘TESTER 1, TESTER 2… and TESTER 966,’ which may give a mechanical and cold feeling to people. We then set our goal, ‘To Tell The Truth’, for ourselves in 2011, and decided to make our own wet tissues for infants, which we were eager to do. Therefore, the name ‘967 AROMA’ became a very, very precious name to us. This 967th tester will endure forever as a wet tissue brand for infants.

The concept for developing the 967 AROMA

  • The cultural oblige

    The cultural oblige

    The ‘967 AROMA’ was developed for the cultural sharers of the ‘Noblesse Oblige’. We endeavor to share this Noblesse Oblige with our customers through ‘967 AROMA’. We did not work diligently to reduce the prime cost in developing and manufacturing the ‘967 AROMA’. We have a positive aim to deliver the ‘967 AROMA’ to the sharers of the cultural oblige for the health and environment. ※ Note: Noblesse Oblige is the spirit in which the nobility or privileged take the initiative in fulfilling their higher ethical obligations.

  • Our expertise and experimental spirit

    Our expertise and experimental spirit

    As we have made as many as 967 testers, we take careful pride in being the best expert in making the wet tissue for infants. In addition, we are also proud of being the winner that upholds the spirit of experimentation, enduring and overcoming many difficulties until we have made 967 new products. With that reason, we have not made the ‘967 AROMA’ to be an ordinary or so-so product. We only make specialized and experimental products.

  • Women (including baby girls and new mothers)

    Women (including baby girls and new mothers)"

    “Women” are at the very center of the idea for ‘TESTER 967’. These women may include my mother, my daughter, my wife, or me. We consider women to be the best of the most precious things in the world. That is why we conducted studies to reduce harm imposed on women despite being lonely. ‘967 AROMA’ reflects the efforts we poured to prevent harmful substances from accumulating in babies’ bodies, especially since they cannot help but be vulnerable to harmful substances. It also reflects the idea of bringing healing energy to the mothers who have handed over the position as heroines in their lives to their babies after giving birth.


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