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Natural Ingredients, Additive-Free, Non-skin irritation wet tissue

Vitamin Tree

More clean... More upright... More safe...At last it’s the most safe solution, RICO

Hanul is the industry leader of Korea for the last 29 years. To achieve the most safety products, “Natural Ingredients” “Additive-Free” “Non-skin irritation”, Hanul made big movement to create a happy and safe world for mothers and babies.


  • Ultrapure Water System

    The water generally obtained by using a water purifier at home is called purified water. The water obtained by filtering the purified water with a reverse osmosis filter is called reverse osmosis water. Hanul uses deionized water from which ions are removed beyond the reverse osmosis water. Since purely containing H2O, deionized water is called ultrapure water. Hanul’s products can maintain safe and uniform quality from microorganisms by using ultrapure water.

  • Free of 8 Harmful Ingredients

    Contains free from Germicide, Endocrine-disrupting chemicals, Heavy meatal, Chemical additives for Plastic, Formaldehyde, Fluorescent whitening agent, Methanol and Phenoxyethanol.

  • Naturally Derived Fabric

    Made with Vegetable cellulose, so the fabric has high moisture absorbability and gives a pleasant feeling to the skin.

  • Aqua-Jet Spunlace process

    With Naturally Derived Fabric, high-pressure water Aqua-jet Spunlace process softens the fabric, RICO wipes contains rayon fabrics refined from natural cellulose.


You can buy various products at Hanul Herb Pharm shopping mall.

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