Wet Tissues Around the World

Some people use wet tissues for babies. Others use them for cleaning their pets, while yet others use them for wiping down surfaces like kitchen counters. Whatever your reason for wet tissues, Hanul has you covered. With over 30 different kinds of wet tissues, Hanul can provide the supplies you need for the good times, the bad times, and all the times in between.

Baby Wipes

Although there are a variety of wet tissues with their own unique uses, most of them exist for babies’ health and hygiene. Wet tissues are especially useful for cleaning babies after their diaper is full – and it is for reasons like this that Hanul takes the production of wet tissues so seriously. With a corporate identity based around wet tissues for everywhere from your face to even babies’ most sensitive regions, you can rest assured that with Hanul, you’re getting certified safe, sterile, and high-quality sanitizing wipes.


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