Stories about Wet-Tissues

Wet tissues can belong to a number of product groups and uses, other than those ‘for babies.’ We can find a wide range of wet tissues if we travel around the world. In one country, people use wet tissues for drawing, and in another country, people use them for expelling snakes and crocodiles. Even in a certain country, people especially make etiquette tissues to remove the smell of smoke from female students who are very playful. It seems that we also are making more than 30 kinds of wet tissues.


Although there are a variety of wet tissues with their own unique uses, they mostly exist for the hygiene and health of the babies. Wet tissues are essentially useful for cleaning the ‘poo’ from babies. This provides us with the reason why we should not make wet tissues carelessly. They should wipe not only the soft and tender babies but also their sensitive parts. The wet tissues for babies form the basis of our corporate identity.


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