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Quasi-Drugs – Crucial for Hygiene 

No need to fear – a quasi-drug is much better than it sounds! A quasi-drug is simply a product that can reliably and safely sterilize one’s body and surroundings. And it’s not just a fancy label to throw on all products; its use requires approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Hanul’s quasi-drugs remove 99.9% of harmful germs, keeping people safe from woes plaguing the world today. Ditch your disinfectants, and get a product that sanitizes more quickly, more safely, and with a better bang for your buck. When it’s Hanul, you know it’s high-quality.

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  • Bacteria risk

    Bacteria risk

    Do not forget that pollution around us is more serious that we think and harmful bacteria are closer to us than we think. We should always manage our surroundings and thoroughly check our hygiene status whether or not we are exposed to infectious diseases due to improper lifestyle.
    ▶ Where is the most bacteria in our home? Dishrag, toilet, wastebasket, refrigerator, bathroom and door handle etc.
    ▶ Where is the most bacteria in our office? Phone, PC, keyword, mouse and toilet etc.

  • Solution for individual hygiene control

    Solution for individual hygiene control

    The basic of hygiene control starts from pollutant removal or washing polluted surface. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hand-washing can prevent 70% of infectious disease by simply using soap and running water frequently. If it cannot be heated or cleaned, various disinfection products can be used to remove various bacteria harmful to human body. We can significantly reduce various bacteria and keep our health just by wiping around with our disinfectant disinfectant.


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