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The governments of some developed countries consider wet tissues as crucial hygiene supplies, and in each country, the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) manages them for itself. In these countries, wet tissues are designated and managed as ‘Drugs’, ‘Quasi-Drug’, or ‘Cosmetics’.
Therefore, the manufacturer of quasi-drugs can mean ‘a company that is prepared and specially recognized by a country’.
In Korea, there is some discussion on designating wet tissues as a quasi-drug provided they are for infants, but there is not enough public opinion on the need to do so yet.
In Korea, only two types of wet tissue that should be especially safe are designated as quasi-drugs and are managed by the KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration). These wet tissues are ‘tissues for cleaning the baby mouth ’ and ‘tissues for sterilizing the hands’, both of which are managed as quasi-drugs.
Our company is the first quasi-drug manufacturing licensor of the tissue for cleaning the baby mouth and the tissue for sterilizing the hands in Korea.

  • Baby mouth tissue

    Baby mouth tissue

    ‘Like being on pins and needles…’
    That’s how we feel when producing tissues for cleaning the baby mouth. Since this tissue is used to clean the oral of babies, it should be of the highest-level safety. This tissue, which appears very simple, must have ‘no microorganism’ and ‘no harmful substances’ in it. It must also not produce ‘significantly reduced degradation products’ that are generated when any material naturally degrades over time. We had to go through a great deal of trial and error to produce this tissue and resolve the many problems we faced until we finally created a product that is now rooted in the Korean market. This tissue has to be absolutely ‘perfect’. Our minds find enjoyed a bit of relief, after we had gotten used to ‘being on pins and needles’ for the ten years we spent producing this product.

  • Tissue for sterilizing the hands

    Tissue for sterilizing the hands

    Anyone who ever watched the movie ‘Blindness’ might fear the ‘Swine Flu’, ‘SARS’, or ‘Bird Flu’. The movie assumes that, one day, all of humankind will become blind due to unidentifiable viruses all of a sudden. Some may say that ‘such a situation isn’t likely’, but scholars working in the disease microorganism field agree that such a situation can be fully realized. What they say is this. From the perspective of Earth, ‘Humankind’ is like a ‘virus’ that poses a threat to its body. That’s why the immunity system of Earth is now making such viruses in its body, which are capable of destroying humanity. Facing such a crisis, we succeeded in being the first in Korea to produce wet tissues capable of perfectly sterilizing the hands.*FDA registration completed


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