1999 한영돈

Hanul – The Early Years

On any given day in 1991, Young-don Han was the general manager of a famous hotel in South Korea. On one day in particular, however, Young-don began selling a creation of his: a new purifying liquid skincare product, made from boiling Korean medicinal herbs. He innovated further by dipping pieces of soft paper into his product, and on that fateful day Korea’s first functional wet tissue was made.

1999 한영돈

Hanul in 2001 – Development by Design 

By 2001, Young-don Han’s Hanul Herb Pharm was celebrating its ten-year anniversary. Producing more and more wet tissues by the hour, Hanul made further improvements in the world of wet tissues, making them with softer fibers and cloths, and even developed the country’s first tissue intended for wiping the inside of a baby’s mouth.

1999 한영돈

Hanul in 2011 – Everything’s Different, Nothing’s Changed 

After twenty years in the wet tissue industry, Hanul knows a thing or two about the products it creates. Where some may be satisfied with being the leading manufacturer of wet tissues in the world, those at Hanul strove even further. The goal at Hanul isn’t to make wet tissues; it’s to make the best wet tissues. Over the years Hanul’s products have improved and developed variations, but the same is true then as it was twenty years ago: Hanul helps keep your home clean, sanitized, and most important of all, safe.


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