1999 한영돈

Young-don Han in 1991

One day in 1991, the general manager of a famous hotel, Young-don Han started selling “something” that was made by using distilled liquids that were gathered from boiling medicinal herbs. Did he do this because he was not the first in obtaining the hotel general manager’s license in Korea? He started making this “something”, which he had thought about for a long time, because he dreamt of accomplishing a first in Korea. He produced clear and nutritious water that purified the skin with the use of vapors that limpidly spread from repeated boiling. He began to moisten pieces of paper with this water, and it might have been the first functional wet tissue made in Korea.

1999 한영돈

The Hanul Herb Pharm in2001

In 2001, Hanul Herb Pharm, which took pride in its ten year history, was producing wet tissues at a steady and slow pace. The company was only an ordinary manufacturer. It was neither outstanding nor excellent, but it had a strong sense of individuality. It still continued to create herb medicines, and started making wet tissues with fiber and cloth, rather than with pulp and paper. It even produced tissue for wiping the inside of a baby’s mouth for the first time in Korea.

1999 한영돈

Hanul Herb Pharm in2011

In 2011, Hanul was now twenty years old and we started to question ourselves. Perhaps we finally became a mere cogwheel in Capitalism, rotating just like the actor Charlie Chaplin in the movie ‘The Modern Times’. Maybe we were merely satisfied with its position as a major manufacturer in the wet tissue industry. We recalled our dream of being a “first” from twenty years ago: we didn’t want to simply make many wet tissues; we wanted to make the most special wet tissue. We started exploring the concepts of ‘earnestness’ and ‘truth’ for ourselves. From here on, let’s begin!!
To Tell The Truth!!


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