We have classified the fatal quality factors of the major customer complaint which can cause ‘expansive damage’, into four major ones including metal, pathogenic germs, chemicals, and worms.


Firstly, metal

Whenever we see the blade of a machine, we recall ‘the joy of labor’ that we experienced while working with the blade and also recall ‘the pain of labor’ when we got hurt by that blade. We earnestly hope the blade will dance only for the benefit of us and our customers. Sometimes, the blade may cut us as if demanding an offering. As we know very well how horrible the blade can be, we earnestly wish that those who use our products never get hurt by any metal. It seems that the chance of a metal getting mixed in the product at our manufacturing field is ‘zero’ percent. Although there is some possibility, it is very rare for a metal to get mixed in our product. Above all, our quality team focuses on ‘metal’.


Secondly, pathogenic germs

‘Mold and bacillus!’ These harmful microorganisms are the hardest nut to crack to us. The fiber used to make wet tissue consists of cellulose that feeds microorganism. Wet tissues also contain moisture, thus naturally providing the optimum conditions for mold and bacillus to breed. Therefore, wet tissues would attract disease microorganism unless specially treated. Our quality team has studied and focused on solving this problem. How can we make a more hygienic manufacture environment, and how can we suppress those microorganisms by using clean raw materials and harmless means in an effective way? This challenge caused us great agony.


Thirdly, chemicals

This is a crucial problem. Harmful chemicals can slowly cause disease in the human body. The chemical preservatives that are essentially used to kill the disease microorganism in wet tissues can be more harmful to the human body despite their intrinsic usefulness and sterilization. To reduce harm, we studied the operational principles of the chemical preservatives, such as ‘hindering protein synthesis’, ‘hindering the functions of the cell membranes’, and ‘hindering the DNA syntheses,’ painstakingly searched for a way to control the associated risks. We decided that at least we would not carelessly use chemical preservatives with an easygoing attitude. We are going to use the least amount possible to control microorganisms and only employ substances that the human body can naturally discharge.


Fourthly, worms

Fortunately, there has been nothing as disgusting like as the head of a mouse discovered in our products so far. There was, however, a worm that was found mixed in our product, and we sympathize with the emotional displeasure that our customers may experience. Our quality team consistently inspects our well-made cooperation and prevention systems so that they work well. Today, our quality team still inspects our systems so thoroughly that even an unseen flea stained on my clothing cannot enter the manufacturing field.


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