• Charmzone Co., Ltd.

    Charmzone Co., Ltd. is one of our customers that have worked with us from the beginning of our company. Therefore, both companies share a strong bond. By working with Charmzone Co., Ltd. as our major customer, we were able to naturally become accustomed to CGMP(Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices). It has been a great blessing to us that we could use such a neat and tidy cosmetic quality system in the context then where there were no other proper quality practices around.

  • Boryung Medience

    Medience, which is the best company in terms of brand recognition in the infant supplies field, has been a valued customer that presents us with new challenges. As the company is always brimming with vigorous energy for development and strict quality practices, they always have new tasks for us every day. While we’ve worked diligently to live up to this company’s exacting standards, we recall what an employee at Medience told us, ‘To us, our products are like our own babies’, which lead us to silently share their ideal.

  • LG Household & Health Care Ltd.

    LG Household & Health Care Ltd makes us think about the enterprise culture of Korea. However people evaluate large companies, we find the enterprise culture of Noblesse Oblige is prevalent in LG Household & Health Care Ltd. All the people working at LG Household & Health Care Ltd never demand unreasonable things from us, and they always keep their promises. Seeing one of the leading companies in Korea earns respect around the world, we are proud of being Koreans and see a hopeful future for the Korean economy.

  • Kleannara

    Clean Nara Corp. has a close relationship with our company: they are like our in-laws. The best employee of our company married the best one from Clean Nara Corp. They must have been crazy about love affairs rather than about their jobs. Anyway, Clean Nara Corp. became important in-laws with us, a match made by the Bosomi wet tissue.

  • Mirae Well Life

    Please, come over to us~ This is what our customer, Mirae Well Life, and our employees always tell each other. But the distance between the cities of Paju and Cheongju does not allow us to easily come over. We feel very familiar and close to Mirae Well Life, even thinking that when we are out of money, we might be able to owe them or ‘the House that Works out well’ a meal, without being a burden. We wish you to become ‘the House that Works better’.

  • Osse

    Osse is an affiliated company of Dr. Chung’s Food Co., Ltd., which produces Vegemil, and we are very thankful to this company. Any company that works with Osse never parts from Osse. This is because Dr. Chung’s Food Co., Ltd. group has run the company in a just and effective manner. We have also gained their help when we were in difficulties, and thanks to their just management, we could overcome our troubles. Their product Vegemil has not changed its taste over several decades.

  • Suomi

    The hometown of the ‘Soondoongi’ is our company. ‘Soondoongi’ was born and grew up at our company until it grew up and went out into the world. We recall what the president of Suomi, Mi-ra Lee said, ‘I do not think Suomi and Hanul are separate. The success of ‘Soondoongi’ is our (Suomi and Hanul) success’. Once we had difficulties not to be happy despite the growth of ‘Soondoongi’.

  • LG Unicharm

    It takes 8 hours drive for round trip from Paju to Gumi, Gyungsangbuk-do province or 10 hours in the case of traffic jam. Our long distance partner LG Unicharm has been visited once in a year due to long distance. People say that OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND and many think that Gyungsangdo people are curt but the people in LG Unicharm do not look curt at all. You can meet warm and open minded people in LG Unicharm.

  • Avent

    About ten years ago, we first met Avent at a time when we were growing restless. It was marvelous for us to make the products for this company that has great brand power around the world.

  • The Face Shop

    Cosmetics is problem. Cosmetics production process requires huge effort and slight carelessness may cause big trouble. We have had to look through cosmetics law while cooperating with The Face Shop. It reminds kings in historic dramas. ‘Lords say NO, but what is the exact problem?’ Strict standard of The Face Shop must be driving force of the company.

  • 3M, Nestle

    All four of these companies are all multinational companies. We approached them from a strategic perspective. Since we needed multinational companies as our friends to share our dreams if we wanted to grow a multinational one in the future. Although it was very difficult for us to find the ‘right articles’ that match to those customers, we finally overcame these problems and grew into a company that is ready for global business. The truth is that we should all make good friends.

  • E-Mart

    It is unique significance that a manufacturing company such as us directly cooperates with a first-class distribution company, E-Mart. In the distribution structure of Korea where production, sales and distribution are thoroughly separated, the form in which manufacturing and distribution meet directly may be inferior. At the heart of the difficult task was the local government of Paju city hall. The Paju City Hall Enterprise Support Department helps the company to grow into a competitive company. We highly appreciate our company and introduced it to E-mart, which was the first trading opportunity. We are now the top seller of wet tissue in E-mart. Whenever we pay taxes all the time, we feel sick. However, thanks to the Republic of Korea for making the abundant tax rate.

  • Traders

    It was astonishing when first visited Costco. Who would have thought of getting things out of the warehouse, not in the store? We once thought it was a big problem. We thought that foreign capital will now dominate Korean distribution market. It is no wonder that Costco's products have price competitiveness because the warehouse shelves soon become stores, omitting the process of display. However, there has always been dark horse in Korea. Dark horse Traders challenged Costco. As Traders has reached out to cooperate with our company, we will try to go with Traders until the crotch is torn.

  • No Brand Shop

    It is obvious that the person who has made No Brand bran is very smart. There is no objection that it was the PB brand called ‘No Brand’ because of the skill of God who gave PB (PRIVATE BRAND) 's lead against NB (NATIONAL BRAND). For the first time, when we participated in No Brand wet tissue development it was hard to understand complicated structure of No Brand. But after understanding Idea Bank genius idea, we were surprised of splendid idea of No Brand. ‘It is cheap as it is thin.’

  • Zero To Seven Inc

    Our sales and quality staff are nervous when they get call from ‘02-740-XXXX’ number. It is because of continuous questions of person in charge of development at Zero To Seven Inc. Sometimes ‘02-740-XXXX’ feels fearful. Despite of this Zero To Seven Inc is beautiful as ‘hard working person is beautiful.’ Zero To Seven Inc is beautiful company.

  • Bulls One

    There is very interesting product in Bulls One. We can see very unique household items of Bulls One as we are partners of the company. Maybe they are in different business field from our company. We can know why Bulls One is great company once we put Bulls One Shot in our vehicle and drive it.

  • Yuhan Kimberly

    Yuhan Kimberly was the company that I wanted to work for in my university years. The company possesses a desirable welfare for its employees and gives full trust to consumers. By the way, how can you become a Yuhan-Kimberly employee through the competition of thousands of jobs? I started cooperating with Yuhan-Kimberly and I was able to meet the heroes of the envy from the company. I do not know about anything else, but the memory of the day we were talking about getting laughed makes me laugh. Hanul was the most famous for quasi-drugs, so it was the first time for us to ask for the manufacture of quasi-drugs forever.

  • Ssangyong C&B

    The accident can be formalized as below.

    Interestingly, it seems that mistakes do not immediately lead to accidents. Another mistake is needed to go into an accident, and the two must be combined by "accidentally". At times like this, there is no solution if the two mistakes argue 'blaming who’s fault'. On new product production day, there was an accident due to overlapping mistakes. We have seen an organizational culture of using the expression "We" instead of saying "You". It is likely to talk behind the president's back, but I have not seen the employees of Ssangyong blaming the company.

  • Aekyung Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Do you know Apgujeong Rodeo? It was the most popular hot spot for Generation X. Where is hot spot in these days The glory of Apgujeong Rodeo seems to have passed to 'Hongdae. Let's think about it this way. As a Generation X, what aspirations have I been chasing when I hang around Apgujeong Rodeo with my bleached hair? I think I wanted to live like a wealthy people in an up-town neighborhood. What about Generation Y and Generation Z walking around Hongdae now days? I can definitely feel their characteristic, being more honest than our X generation. Companies usually settle in Gangnam to chase wealth. However, Aekyung Industrial has established base-camp in Hongdae, a hot spot, in pursuit of youth. I think it's cool.

  • Coupang

    I vaguely remember Kim Tae-hee and Rain. Did they, the early models of Coupang, meet in Coupang and get married? At that time, company that used to give away coupons saying “Pop Coupons” is now giving away “Pop Rockets” instead of coupons. Rocket delivery service is a structure where you buy things first, put them in the basket, and receive payments from customers later, so it's good for its partnership, but it can be like a trap for Coupang. We hope that a small rocket launched by Coupang will arrive in a country dominated by Alibaba with our products, and Amazon where surrounds with plenty of AI robots.

  • JAJU

    It's really neat. If you are looking for products of medium or higher quality, please visit to JAJU. Value for money can be the best. I feel rich when I have a development meeting with JAJU. We make the product with all our heart, keeping in the motto, “If we make cheapie, our customers will scold us.”

  • Lotte Mart

    10 Billion won! This was the sales target promised by Lotte Mart. They might ask me what to do if you try to kill us for a joke we said, but I will try to put as much pressure on it as possible. As you know, it was 10 Billion won sales a year, but when the time comes, we plan to push, saying 10 Billion won sales a month. While looking around our company, they kept asking us, “What’s this? What's that?” and enjoyed listening. Even though it was getting dark, they clenched their fists and cheered us on to make good products like this and that, and sell 10 Billion worth of products together. But don't let your guard down. The promise can be raised to 10 Billion won sales a week.

  • Ecolab

    Many of you probably don't know. I didn't know that Ecolab was the world's number one company in cleaning and quarantine industry. At the beginning, one of the executives of this amazing company personally visited Hanul R&D Center. And right here, he was hoping that Ecolab to be introduced as strategic business partner on the client introduction page of Hanul website. Working as a top management level, extreme loneliness and extreme fear can be completely healed when I meet customer who respects our company. I am going to be loyal to Ecolab that believes in us.


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